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Who are we? (About Us) Empty Who are we? (About Us)

Post by Oechi on Mon 23 Apr 2012 - 18:03

Hello "Visitor"!

Welcome to the site of Serenity! We are a casual faction set in Tyrant: War Metal originally founded by woobin1. Started as a small faction, Serenity began to grow and it has gained its very own spot in the leader-boards. Serenity did not earn its current status by ferociously dominating and conquering other rivals, but thanks to its loyal members and skilled leaders. We are all proud of the achievements we have accomplished up to the current date. As one of the oldest Tyrant factions that is still fully functioning, we are always open to meet new people and share experiences in Tyrant.

What do we offer you?

While reading this you have already figured out that we offer a "private forum" for all faction related business.

- Help with all your decks, making this great place to gain more experience in Tyrant.

- Being part of a "small community" inside Tyrant.

- Wars 24/7 against all kinds of factions.

- A steady, but constant rising faction in the rankings.

- A place where you don't have to play all day long and actually play this game "casually".

- Highly experienced players, who have been playing since the very beginning of Tyrant: War Metal, always available to help you!

What do we expect from you?

- Be active in the faction wars and chat, even if you are not much of "talker" we do like to see your name popping up once in a while (forum/in-game chat).

- Be at least level 25, preferably around level 40. Why "level 40" you ask? From personal experiences with "low leveled applicants", they simply have not gotten enough cards to construct a decent deck for the faction wars, resulting in becoming a liability to us and themselves. Kind of hard to be motivated if you can't win a single fight right?

- Be nice to each other and do not insult anyone in any circumstances.

- Speak English in the chat and on the forums. If you would like to use a different language, please start a "private conversation" with that person.

Background information

Current "Leader": segh
Second in Command: Oechi, SnowFeather, crx687 (Co-Founder)

If Serenity speaks to you, you can apply TODAY!

Become a part of our own community!

Apply link: http://www.kongregate.com/games/synapticon/tyrant?kv_apply=622001

Do drop a PM to any of the 3 people to better your chances.

Note: Access restrictions are active on this site, registrations on this board will be reviewed by the Admin.
To speed up the process PM me on Kong:
Click Here


Who are we? (About Us) Siguy
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